The ancient Egyptian Pyramids are said to bestow a variety of benefits, including the ability to improve health. They may also improve sleep, alleviate headaches, speed healing of cuts and burns, and improve meditation.

Our natural mineral water has been tested and found to have high contents of calcium, magnesium and other minerals that make this refreshing water a natural electrolyte. These minerals play a key role in the prevention of heart disease and age related bone loss.

Experience This Pyramid Infused Mineral Water

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Electrolytes

The human body is 65% water. Stay hydrated with

Gold Pyramid Mineral Water that is rich in

calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals.

For decades, I have had an interest in the great pyramids of Egypt that some have said bordered on obsession. Many believe a true pyramid produces polarized signals that inexplicably create a form of electrical power reported to cause unique effects on the surrounding environment and provide amazing health benefits.

Hungry for more information, I immersed myself in the world of the great pyramids by building scale models and conducting thoroughly documented experiments. The results left me more impressed by the structures and more convinced of their natural powers. Resolute with the strength of the pyramids, I began work on my home: an exact replica of an Egyptian pyramid.

The Gold Pyramid House was to built on an island in an old gravel pit that held a few feet of water near the back of the property. I planned to clay the bottom of the pit and pump in well water to keep it full. Upon building completion, a massive spring began to unexplainably flow from the center of the pyramid. I had the mysterious water tested, and it yielded incredible, pure results. The water filled the large pit completely, and I have never had to do anything to maintain the water level.

I've welcomed visitors to the Gold Pyramid House for nearly 40 years, and they've always been fascinated by the mysterious spring. This persistent interest prompted me to test the water against today's standards, and the results were staggering: water from the natural spring possesses an off the charts mineral content that's comparable to the most popular European mineral springs bottled today!

The water is pumped from the house into a 250 gallon tote then taken to our FDA approved bottling facility located at 3500 Sunset Ave Waukegan, IL.

Gold Pyramid Bottling LLC is the exclusive bottler for the Gold Pyramid Mineral Water and has the capabilities of bottling purified water for private labeling. We have a selection of bottles and caps available for your special look.

Contact us if you would like additional information on private bottling opportunities.

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