Drive down Dilleys Road and you’ll notice something straight out of the days of the Pharaohs.

The Gold Pyramid house was built in 1977 by Jim and Linda Onan as a private residence for his family in Wadsworth, Illinois. And enormous statue of Ramses II guards and featuring a three pyramid garage, this 17,000 square foot 6 story structure that is surrounded by a moat.

Secrets of the past revealed in a home built with more gold than any other.

A few words say it all: Power, Gold and Mystery. When all those words were put together by Jim & Linda Onan, they ended up creating one of the most amazing works of art ever seen. Why? It all started when American Universities claimed that there were mysterious, supernatural and magical powers that were related to the pyramids. Intrigued by the mystery, the Onan’s built their home to channel the magical energy.